Research Areas

Research Areas


Internet of Things Security

This area focusses on Security provisioning for the various upcoming IoT Networks.



The goal of this project is to apply Blockchain to solve various research challenges in 5G networks, VANETs, UAVNets, Finance etc.


5G Cellular Networks

Our research focuses on Resource provisioning and resource management for 5G/ renewable energy powered Cellular networks. 


UAV & Drones

This project focuses on solving various issues related to networking in UAV’s including security, charge scheduling etc.



This project focuses on solving various research issues pertaining to VANETs e.g. Vehicular communication, V2G operations etc.


Edge Computing

To utilize the unused computational resources of edge/fog devices (in the internet of things) to provide better quality of service to users connected to them.


Brain Computer Interfacing

The research focus is on studying, analyzing and developing new algorithms to classify EEG brain signals.


Other Areas
  • FPGA development
  • Cloud computing

More Reasearch Topics

  • FPGA development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Brain Computer Interfacing

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