Governments and public sector entities around the world are actively exploring new ways to keep up with technological advancements to achieve smart governance, work efficiency, and cost optimization. Blockchain technology is an example of such technology that has been attracting the attention of Governments across the globe in recent years. Enhanced security, improved traceability and lowest cost infrastructure empower the blockchain to penetrate various domains. Generally, governments release tenders to some third-party organizations for different projects. During this process, different competitors try to eavesdrop the tender values of others to win the tender. The corrupt government officials also charge high bribe to pass the tender in favor of some particular third party. In this paper, we presented a secure and transparent framework for government tenders using blockchain. Blockchain is used as a secure and immutable data structure to store the government records that are highly susceptible to tampering. This work aims to create a transparent and optimal system for the work-flow in government tenders to implement government schemes and policies by limiting human supervision to the minimal.